German blockchain ticketing start-up now facilitating COVID testing appointments

While COVID vaccinations are picking up around the globe, massive amounts of testing are still needed on a daily basis. German blockchain ticketing start-up tectix has recognized this need and have accordingly fine-tuned their digital application to facilitate an efficient testing process for test centers in Germany.


The pandemic pivot

Facing the lack of live events during the pandemic, tectix shifted gears and took on the mission to help event organizers go “back to live“ as quickly as possible.

Supporting organizers and artists on the one hand, tectix is also able to support the fight against the pandemic directly through providing assistance for testing centers. With rising numbers of positive cases, testing centers have become more and more important in Germany.

The solution offered by tectix gives test centers a booking system for management of multiple test appointments and even helps the test center to easily manage check-ins and ensure the security and monitoring of positive test subjects.

Tectix is currently working with several test centers and a laboratory in Berlin to ensure the highest service standards.

Garciano D. Manzambi, founder of tectix: "This is currently an exciting time for us and we are glad that we can support these efforts with our system. I am convinced that blockchain will make a major contribution to healthcare. To what extent we will pursue this after the pandemic remains to be seen. For now, though, we can't wait to start celebrating concerts again, and we want to keep doing everything we can for that."


Blockchain ticketing

Tectix is a white-label integrator of the GET Protocol ticketing solution. Since 2016, the protocol has facilitated the sale of over half a million on-chain tickets through integrators across Europe and in South Korea. Not a single one of these tickets have been scalped, and the protocol offers a variety of other innovative benefits, such as NFT ticketing and an upcoming feature that will allow the pre-financing of future events using DeFi