Buy And Spend Bitcoin Using Your Google Pay and Apple Pay Wallets

While the cryptocurrency markets have been crashing big time, key players from the industry haven’t given up hopes. Some dominant players like Coinbase are working hard enough to boost Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption.

Last year, Coinbase launched its Coinbase debit cards in partnership with Visa which allows crypto users to spend their holdings directly for their purchases. Bringing another new feature, Coinbase will now allow Coinbased debit card users to make mobile payments with cryptocurrencies.

For this, Coinbase has partnered with Google’s mobile payment services Google Pay. Although this facility is currently available only for selected customers from the European countries like Belgium, Finland, UK, France, Slovakia, and Italy. However, Coinbase has cleared that the support for this facility shall be available at the end of this year.

Last year in April 2019, Coinbase launched its cryptocurrency debit card in the UK in April 2019. Later, it steadily expanded its service to other European nations. Besides, Coinbase has been also adding support to new cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Coinbase hasn’t spoken anything on adding the support for Apple Pay to its platform. However, the Opera internet browser facilitates buying Bitcoins using the Apple Pay services.

Opera has been working hard since long to incorporate crypto payments in its browser. This explorer now allows US-based users to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether via their debit cards and Apple Pay. To facilitate this, Opera has joined hands with a web-based payments specialist Wyre.

As per the market reports, Wyre charges a fee of $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction. This feature is currently available only to three Opera browsers - desktop browser, Android, and iOS Opera Touch.

This news comes just at a time when Bitcoin has corrected 50% from its 2020-high and investors might be looking for new opportunities at this moment.

Currently, as per Google Trends, the search for buying Bitcoin have exceeded that for buying gold. The investor interest has spiked further with this recent market crash. This clearly shows that retail buying could be on the rise.