BlockDAG’s X1 Miner App & Innovative Technology Propel Presale to $50.4M as Litecoin Stagnates & XRP Ledger Fund Seeks Growth

Litecoin's price remains in prolonged consolidation and XRP’s innovation fund continues to seek market traction on the XRP ledger. On the other hand, BlockDAG (BDAG) makes significant movements amid the recent launch of the beta version of its X1 Miner App on both the App Store and Play Store, showcasing the robust features of its innovative technology. This innovative app, with its energy-saving mining and referral system, has led BlockDAG’s presale to boom, as it recently surpassed the $50.4 million milestone, positioning BlockDAG as a promising new bull run crypto.

Ripple's Launches XRPL Fund for Japan and Korea

Ripple's new XRPL Japan and Korea Fund aims to enhance technological innovation on the XRP ledger in these countries. This initiative includes corporate collaborations, startup investments, developer grants, and community growth. The fund will provide financial, business, and technical support, targeting the creation of decentralized exchanges and cross-chain decentralized aggregators.

It also supports local events, training programs, and hackathons. The initiative underscores Ripple's commitment to promoting the XRP ledger, especially in dynamic markets like Japan and Korea, and capitalizes on the region's potential as a blockchain innovation hub.

Litecoin Price Struggles Amid Network Activity Increases

Litecoin (LTC), a veteran altcoin, has seen significant growth, with a $6.6 billion fully diluted valuation and over 9 million holders. However, it faces ongoing criticisms for lacking Web3 development and utility beyond speculative trading.

Despite an uptick in network activity, with unique addresses rising from 345k to 704k weekly, Litecoin’s advancements remain limited. The altcoin has outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in active addresses but continues to trade around $79.16. While forming an ascending triangle, the Litecoin price has been stuck in a multi-year consolidation, casting doubt on its appeal to investors.

BlockDAG’s X1 Miner App: Mobile Mining Powerhouse

BlockDAG recently presented its second Keynote, highlighting several standout features of the X1 app, such as the referral system. This system is set to revolutionize mobile mining by transforming smartphones into powerful BDAG coin mining devices. The beta version of the app is available on both Android and Apple platforms. The app boasts an innovative energy-saving algorithm to preserve battery life and data, ensuring sustainable mining.

Moreover, the development and rigorous testing of Phase 1 concluded successfully, with functionalities like Wireframe & UI Designing, and User Onboarding. The app allows users to invite friends and boost earnings before the mainnet launch.

The excitement around the keynote and the x1 app has led to a massive surge in presale. BlockDAG raises millions daily, underscoring the growing momentum behind its mission to reshape blockchain technology.

The X1 Miner App’s beta version is now available on the App Store and Play Store, offering an early glimpse into BlockDAG’s robust ecosystem. With features like a referral system and energy-saving mining, BlockDAG, priced currently at $0.0122, has achieved an astonishing 1120% ROI in just 18 presale batches, significantly outperforming XRP’s innovation fund and Litecoin’s price consolidation. Unlike its competitors, BlockDAG promises lucrative returns and advanced functionalities, inducing interest among investors keen on maximizing profitability before the mainnet launch.


While Litecoin’s price consolidation raises doubts about its market appeal and XRP’s innovation fund aims to drive new growth on the XRP ledger, BlockDAG stands out with its impressive presale achievements and its promising X1 Miner App. As a new bull-run crypto, BlockDAG’s features maximize profitability and advanced functionalities. It is boosting interest among investors, highlighting BlockDAG’s potential as a top-performing cryptocurrency in the market.

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