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BTC volume
$ 1.37B
Altcoin volume
$ 4.74B
Crypto market cap
$ 202.19B
  Days until Start End ICO Description
  4 26. Oct 2018 26. Nov 2018 Crypto HongBao A Decentralized Game Currency
  4 26. Oct 2018 24. Nov 2018 Skillchain Your Certified Skills on Blockchain
  5 27. Oct 2018 07. Nov 2018 Bountie Get Paid to Play
  7 28. Oct 2018 25. Nov 2018 UniFox Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies
  7 29. Oct 2018 23. Nov 2018 M2O Token Have a M2O, Have a dream life.
  10 01. Nov 2018 31. Dec 2018 Kratos Disrupting commodity trade & finance
  29 20. Nov 2018 20. Dec 2018 Paytomat Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program, DAO for Crypto Payments
  40 01. Dec 2018 31. Jan 2019 NWPSolution Intellectual healthcare ecosystem managed by individuals on blockchain
  40 01. Dec 2018 31. Jan 2019 MOBU The Future of Security Tokens
  102 01. Feb 2019 28. Feb 2019 TransCrypt Send and receive cryptocurrency like a message
    To be announced Aether United Blockchain + Esports
    To be announced Akasha Next-generation social media network
    To be announced Autoria Supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency
    To be announced bitNatura The natural capital marketplace
    To be announced CodeTract Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value
    To be announced CruCoins Revolutionizing Art Monetization
    To be announced Git Money Work from anywhere
    To be announced Labrys Tokenised Bond Issuance & Investment Platform
    To be announced Obsidian Platform Cryptocurrency and secure anonymous messaging
    To be announced ReiDAO Digitalizing real estate ownerships
    To be announced SingularityNET The decentralized marketplace for AI
    To be announced TrueBit Scalable verification solution for blockchains
    To be announced Vega Network managed autonomous decision-making agent
    To be announced Dopamine The first decentralized, collaborative processing network
    To be announced EximChain Powering the Supply Chain of the Future
    To be announced MobileBridge Momentum Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty
    To be announced TruePlay Blockchain based gambling platform
    To be announced SwissRealCoin The stable crypto token you were waiting for
    To be announced Verifier A blockchain based solution designed to verify information
    To be announced CCET Project Only one carbon emissions token in obligatory market