Bill Clinton’s Involvement In Crypto Might Send Ripple On Bull Run

Former U.S President Bill Clinton will reportedly be one of the keynote speakers at Ripple’s upcoming Swell event and this has resulted in speculation that he is investing in Ripple (XRP).

Market analysts believe that if the rumors are true, then it could end up causing a surge in Ripple’s prices. Clinton has been known to have an interest in cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular. The announcement about him attending a Ripple event might suggest that he is also interested in Ripple. This could be great news for the Ripple community because the involvement of a celebrity should attract more attention, thus potentially causing a bull run.

“Today, we’re thrilled to announce 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker for Swell – where the world’s leaders in policy, payments, and technology connect," Ripple announced.

Ripple claims that it chose Clinton as one of the keynote speakers because he helped to facilitate growth in the internet sector during his presidential tenure. Ripple is therefore convinced that the former U.S president was played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world. He, therefore, has adequate authority as far as addressing tech experts, policymakers and investors is concerned. Clinton is thus ideal as a keynote speaker at the Swell Conference which will take place in San Francisco in October this year.

Ripple has been comparing the cryptocurrency boom to the internet boom which happened during Clinton's time in office. This means that Clinton is well equipped to offer significant insights into the potential direction of the cryptocurrency market and how to handle some of the issues arising in the crypto world.

Despite the announcement about Clinton being a keynote speaker at the Ripple event, there was no confirmation on whether he has invested in Ripple. Either way, the fact that he is involved could still result in a significant performance boost for Ripple. Strong regulatory frameworks for monitoring cryptocurrencies is one of the topics that are expected be discussed during the Ripple event.

Ripple has been working hard towards becoming the benchmark when it comes to blockchain development. If the Ripple event ends up being a success, then it could mark a new milestone for the cryptocurrency and blockchain market especially as the industry works towards more adoption of decentralized ledger technology.