Brave Blog Achieves 5.5 Million Active Users On Privacy Focus

Brave Blog has achieved a significant milestone on its bid to become a go-to web browser for privacy protection. In a press release, the crypto-powered web browser has confirmed that the number of active users visiting the browser has clocked the 5.5 million mark.

Brave Bog Growth

The robust growth in monthly active users is a significant milestone given the browser only had 1 million users as of the start of 2018. The platform developer’s team expects the growth to continue in 2019 especially with the release of a new user-friendly 1.0 web browser.

The developer’s team has also introduced a new exciting feature designed to attract new users. Brave Ads is the latest addition that will act as a reward program for the platform. The team intends to rewards users for sharing data using the web browser as well as watching ads in the platform. Users are to earn the rewards on Basic Attention Tokens, which is the native token powering the network.

In a bid to attract and keep hold of users, Brave Blog carried out an upgrade of the browser making it 25% faster. In addition to launching the rewards program, the team also added new functionality that allows users to integrate more web extensions into the platform.

Brave Blog Upgrades

The upgrades have helped the crypt-powered browser enjoy significant gains when it comes to performance on is Platform. The Android version on its part received a significant boost in registering more than 10 million downloads mid last year.

The number of verified publishers using the browser has also increased significantly, affirming the browsers growing credibility. The platforms now play host to more than 28,000 verified publishers from 4,000 as of last year. The addition of support for Twitch and YouTube is seen as the main catalyst behind increased usage among verified publishers.

In a bid to sustain the growth trajectory, the Brave team is in the process of improving privacy levels in the platform. For starters, the team has opened up a new office team in London tasked with the responsibility of implementing new privacy innovations.

One of the features that users can look out for is Ad Graph that will allow them to block unnecessary ads. The team is also planning to implement Speed-reader expected to enhance the reading of web pages.  Brave is also working with government authorities as well as advertisers as it seeks to implement privacy protection laws.