Craig Wright Reveals Over 16,000 Address Claiming Keys to $9.6 Billion Bitcoin Fortune, Is He the Real Satoshi?

Craig Wright, the self-acclaimed identity behind Bitcoin’s pseudonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto, has been at the center of controversies over the last year.

Ira Kleiman, the brother of Wright’s now-deceased business partner Dave Kleiman, has accused the self-proclaimed Satoshi of treachery and stealing all the BTC funds after Dave’s death.

In the latest turn of events, on Tuesday, January 14, Craig Wright filed a notice of compliance to the U.S. District Court of Southern Florida. In his compliance letter, Wright has mentioned of acquiring access to the private keys of 16,404 addresses containing nearly 1.1 million BTC tokens valued at a whopping $9.6 Billion Dollars.

However, the attorneys for Ira Kleiman have put a counter argument saying that although Wright provided the keys to over 16,000 addresses, there’s no information about the “bounded courier”.

As per the attorney’s the “bounded courier” was supposed to come originally on January 1. This courier supposedly involved an access to the so-called “Tuilp Trust”. But Wright has said that this didn’t happen as he didn’t have access to the keys required for unlocking this trust.

Wright has thus requested an extension to unlock the encrypted “Tulip Trust” which can be his pandora’s box. Last week on January 10, the U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom gave Wright an extension up to February 3 to initiate the court about the courier’s arrival.

Writing to the court, Kleiman’s lawyers have put a further request. "Plaintiffs request they be provided with seven (7) interrogatories about the courier that Craig must respond to in ten (10) days. Plaintiffs will then use those responses to seek discovery from the bonded courier and his company," Kleiman's lawyers wrote. "In the interim, Plaintiffs are having their experts review and analyze the list. Plaintiffs expect that they will be ready to depose Craig after this discovery occurs, in early March."

The Tulip Trust is currently at this center of the controversy. As stated earlier, Kleiman has sued Wright for defrauding his brother, stealing his Bitcoins and manipulating documents, emails, and other correspondence.

Wright has been in the picture more prominently from the Bitcoin Cash hard fork wherein he claimed that the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Version) is the real Bitcoin.

If we look at the 7-day chart of Bitcoin on WorldCoinIndex, we can see that on January 14, soon after Wright claimed access to the BTC address keys worth $9.6 Billion, the Bitcoin SV price shot from $200 to above $400, a whopping 100% gain in a single day.

However, with things getting clear, Bitcoin SV price has dropped yet again to $285 levels.