French Crypto Company Ledger Announces Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet Nano X

Ledger, the France-based cryptocurrency startup popular for making hardware wallets has recently introduced a new bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet to manage your cryptocurrencies. The new Ledger Nano-X wallet will thus allow users to directly send and receive funds over bluetooth through their smartphones.

Ledger specializes in providing cold storage solutions for cryptocurrencies through its hardware wallets. However, its previous version require plugging the hardware wallet to your PC through the microUSB cable. With the new Bluetooth version, the company seems to make it more easy to save crypto assets.

The Ledger Nano X was recently shown at the ongoing CES 2019 event in Las Vegas. The Ledger Nano X comes with the capacity to store 100 crypto assets. Furthermore, it will be launching a full-fledged mobile app called the Ledger Live. The application will have similar features to its existing desktop app wherein the users can perform several steps like install new apps, check their balances, and manage transactions.

The mobile app release is likely to take place this month-end on January 28. Existing users will be able to check their balances through its read-only feature due to public addresses. Appearance and functionality wise, the Ledger Nano X is quite similar to the Ledger Nano S launched last year in 2018. Nano S is one of the most successful products of the company having sold over 1.5 million units.

The private keys are always stored in the Ledger wallet which prevent the hackers from getting any access even if your smartphone or computers are attacked.

However, Ledger could see a big competition coming ahead posed by Japanese hardware manufacturer Sony. Last year in October 2018, Sony presented the idea of building a contactless hardware wallet that uses IC smart technology.

Explaining its functionality, Sony said: This IC card type hardware wallet is small, portable and useful, unlike typical existing hardware wallets that connect to PCs via USB. In addition, it is possible to securely generate and store a private key with a highly reliable tamper-proof module within the IC card.”

With multiple online attacks and online wallets being compromised, cryptocurrency hardware wallets have got a huge acceptance in the industry. Hardware wallets provide cold-storage solutions which keep the crypto assets detached from the online wallet and provides access to the user only on their demand.