Mastercard, PWC and Deloitte In Pursuit Of Blockchain Specialists

Blockchain popularity and usage is growing by the day, as it becomes clear that the technology could revolutionize many mainstream industries in the near future. Mastercard, Deloitte and PWC are the latest high profile companies to have reiterated their intentions to leverage blockchain technology as they look to enhance their operations.

The trio are in pursuit of blockchain specialists as they look to hire top talents to explore the emerging technology capabilities. Mastercard has confirmed plans to hire 175 new technology developers, including blockchain specialists.  The developers are to work at the payment’s giant offices in Leopards town Ireland.

MasterCard’s has been working on a number of blockchain projects as it looks to enhance its service delivery, in the payment business.  As early as 2016, the company had already released Blockchain-based APIS as it sought to give developers a chance to work on emerging technologies.  The company has also gone as far as obtaining patent related to the tech.

Deloitte which has a full-fledged EMEA blockchain lab in Ireland has also confirmed it is looking for specialists to fill roles in its blockchain, insurance and technology division. PWC, which has been testing a blockchain analytics tool for digital trading tokens is also believed to be in the race for blockchain specialists to further ramp its R&D team expertise.

The three companies join a growing list of tech companies that have already set up blockchain divisions as they look to explore the technology further. Facebook is one of the company believed to be maintaining a close watch on the technology as it looks to leverage its capability when it comes to the decentralization of offerings and services.

The companies, however, face an uphill task in finding ready trained people.  Blockchain being a nascent technology means the best talent that the companies can find are self-taught enthusiasts. However, the landscape should change in the coming years as it becomes clear the technology could have a similar impact as the internet.

The industry should experience accelerated growth in the next few years as more mainstream and tech giants branch into blockchain operations. The financial industry is one of the sectors where blockchain technology is having a big impact.