Opera In-Built Browser Wallet Lets Android Users Purchase Cryptocurrency Under A Minute

On Wednesday opera announced that Android users can now purchase cryptocurrency instantly from the web-based browser wallet. The buying of Ethereum’s Cryptocurrency has been enhanced, and the process takes less than 60 seconds. 

Partnering with Safello

Opera warmed up to cryptocurrency from late last year leading to the addition of an in-built wallet in their PC and Android browsers. Opera is collaborating with European Crypto exchange Safello in the provision of cash to crypto exchange allowing Android users to top up with ether in a few seconds quickly. The new feature permits credit and debit card payments along with the most trusted payment network such as Sweden’s Swish.

According to Opera, Safello will carry out the verification of users making their purchases through the Denmark NemID identity solution and the Sweden BankID. Safello is a registered entity under the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden. Topping up has been enhanced by the process, and it will not take more than a minute. 

Although it is not as popular as Bitcoin, Ethereum is nonetheless a tempting proposition owing to the numerous associated with it.  The most outstanding feature is the ability to make and process transfers faster which may soon make it practical from mainstream implementation.

Is it time to cash in?

Charles Hamel, the Crypt Product lead at Opera, indicates that they believe the next vital phase of crypto will be from its usage and for it to get accepted in the mainstream it needs simplification of the buying process. He added that the incorporation of a browser wallet could act as an entry point and with the partnership with Safello the company is making significant milestones towards the realization of their vision. 

Availability of the new feature

Currently, opera is offering the new feature for customers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden but they are optimistic that they will soon expand and be available globally because Safello expansively operates across the world.

Users who will have "Web 3-ready" will receive a discount with those in Sweden getting 2.5% discounted fee whereas those in Norway and Denmark will get 5%. The feature supports Ether as well as other tokens that use Ethereum's, ERC-20 Standard. It equally supports crypto collectibles like CryptoKitties and all Ethereum apps accessible through the wallet.