$ 51,233  -0.12%
€ 47,351  -0.12%
¥ 172,521  0%
£ 40,496  -0.10%
₽ 3,900,027  0%
BTC volume
$ 8.49B
Altcoin volume
$ 30.79B
Crypto market cap
$ 1.75T

Cryptoon Goonz

The Cryptoon Goonz collection consists of 6,969 generative rubber hose style characters, made up of hundreds of unique traits which not only change the look of a single Goon, but completely change the form a Goon will take. Whether it's a wolf, cat, or ape/marshmallow hybrid, every variety of a Cryptoon Goon is decked out in pop culture, hip-hop, and streetwear references. We have a strong focus on quality art & community. Join us to be a part of our journey building something special. Join our community in the [Discord]( Follow us on [Twitter](

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Floor Price

0.12 ETH

$360.35 -0.98%

Market Cap

768.32 ETH

$2,273,114.72 +11.23%

24h Volume

0.12 ETH


Highest Sale Price

4.50 ETH


2,599 -0.27%

Total Assets


Cryptoon Goonz is trading at a floor price of $360.35. There is a total of 6969 NFTs minted held by 2599 unique owners with a total market cap of $2,273,114.72.

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