$ 38,189  1.24%
€ 35,012  1.03%
¥ 172,521  0%
£ 30,245  1.16%
₽ 3,409,268  0.68%
BTC volume
$ 5.13B
Altcoin volume
$ 16.75B
Crypto market cap
$ 1.29T

FLUF World: Thingies

On All Hallows' Eve of the year 2021, The Summoning occurred. From the depths of FLUF World's vast networks of Mycelium crawled 10,000 Thingies; fluffy, spider-like critters, packing untold surprises. Programmatically generated, each Thingie is an entirely unique, metaverse-ready 3D avatar; yours to collect, trade and share. With abstract art-inspired fur, designed by an AI, Thingies are also artists themselves, capable of producing their own NFT art! What other secrets might they be hiding in their backpacks? Only time will tell... --- **Official Collections:** [FLUF World]( [FLUF World: Burrows]( [FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds](

Website Twitter Discord Instagram

Floor Price

0.13 ETH

$263.88 0%

Market Cap

1,806.77 ETH

$3,784,011.38 0%

24h Volume

0.74 ETH


Highest Sale Price

10.50 ETH


2,887 0%

Total Assets


FLUF World: Thingies is trading at a floor price of $263.88. There is a total of 9574 NFTs minted held by 2887 unique owners with a total market cap of $3,784,011.38.

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