$ 16,882  -0.56%
€ 16,068  -0.41%
¥ 117,139  0.83%
£ 13,919  -0.38%
₽ 1,141,462  -0.42%
BTC volume
$ 6.53B
Altcoin volume
$ 11.08B
Crypto market cap
$ 731.39B

Loser Club Official

**Loser Club. Never Cool. Never Alone.** A project by artist [J’Von]( aka Catman aka Cool Sweater One thing remains true in this budding NFT space, and that is community. ‍ Loser club is the creation of 'Todd Nebula' (J'von). He clearly was never "cool" (the best of us aren't). His goal : To sell art, put money back to the holders to do whatever they want, and create a hub for all losers to commune and create together. We're bohemian hedonists. We celebrate non-conformity and spontaneous creativity. For real raw artwork, the real utility is behind getting to know the artist and it is the people who determine value. Let's be the new majority. It's the loser's time. [Website](


Floor Price

0.06 ETH

$72.89 0%

Market Cap

819.94 ETH

$1,039,418.58 0%

24h Volume

0.73 ETH


Highest Sale Price

10.00 ETH


4,934 0%

Total Assets


Loser Club Official is trading at a floor price of $72.89. There is a total of 10000 NFTs minted held by 4934 unique owners with a total market cap of $1,039,418.58.

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