$ 30,389  6.09%
€ 28,705  4.99%
¥ 197,784  -3.77%
£ 24,488  5.20%
₽ 2,082,342  0.55%
BTC volume
$ 9.89B
Altcoin volume
$ 28.06B
Crypto market cap
$ 1.17T


**Omnimorphs is a generative NFT collectible project of 10.000 unique, digitally hand-drawn avatars immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain. ** **Our OmniFusion utility will give owners the opportunity to merge two of their tokens to customise the look & rarity of their avatar and make the collection deflationary.** *Omnimorphs* live their lives on the brink of human societies, not getting involved, but close enough to observe. Though they’re inherently devoid of any shape or form, here on Earth, they usually choose to appear as humans. While they’re completely peaceful, their sheer existence is like an eerie reflection of humanity, a constant awkward, inquisitive stare that makes one squirm with discomfort. Visit our [official website ](https://www.omnimorphs.com) for more details.

Website Twitter Discord Instagram Telegram

Floor Price

0.02 ETH

$36.43 -14.29%

Market Cap

293.70 ETH

$594,357.82 -38.14%

24h Volume

0.04 ETH


Highest Sale Price

8.88 ETH


3,961 +0.03%

Total Assets


Omnimorphs is trading at a floor price of $36.43. There is a total of 9089 NFTs minted held by 3961 unique owners with a total market cap of $594,357.82.

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